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SMM (Social Media Marketing) — social media marketing is the distribution of goods and services through social networks.

Today, social networks are ahead of television, radio and print media in popularity. Their target audience is varied and quite active. This fact allows SMM specialists to offer products to website visitors through active communication, using various techniques.

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many others … All social networks are filled with potential buyers of your products.

Social media marketing techniques

  • Development of thematic blogs and their regular updating, provision of new material;
  • Distribution of blogs on various platforms;
  • Information messages in communities with certain thematic biases, participation in discussions between members of these communities;
  • Use of popular forums: introduction and support of topics for discussion, immediately the use of hidden advertising;
  • Conducting a dialogue on behalf of a specific seller (direct marketing);
  • Open advertising on the pages of popular sites;
  • Viral marketing;
  • Analysis of positive and negative information. Smoothing the emotional background in the information market.

Using SMM, you can solve the following main tasks

  1. Increase in brand popularity.
  2. Raising awareness and improving attitude towards the product of the activity.
  3. PR.
  4. Increased interest in the official website of the company.

An SMM specialist constantly interacts with the audience of social networks. Monitors the presence of the brand he is promoting on the pages, strives to increase the circle of potential consumers, strengthens the positive image of the client, identifies and smooths out the negative around him and his product in social networks.


Clients of SMM specialists, as a rule, are advertising companies or representatives of medium and large businesses.

You can find a job or, conversely, use the services of an SMM specialist using the Freelance Exchange, through the catalog of SMM specialists, by contacting an advertising or SMM agency.

How to become an SMM specialist?

You can learn the skills necessary for this type of activity in specialized online courses.

The social marketing professional must have an analytical mind; be able to communicate with various audiences; perfectly navigate the situation; own the features of various social networks (specifics of visitors, rules of use, available technologies). You need to know the tools of advertising in social networks and be able to use them as effectively as possible. An SMM specialist needs to be able to create or select content that will be of interest to a specific audience and attract it to the client’s website. By the way it will come in handy to buy Instagram followers. To monitor the informational and emotional situation in the network, it is important to own the tools for obtaining and analyzing the necessary information.

As a rule, a person who wants to become an SMM specialist has experience in creating and working with large groups on social networks, is familiar with and actively interacts with the organizers of large public pages.

The great popularity of social networks among Internet users of different ages, social statuses, interests, with various financial resources makes the possibilities of SMM marketing endless. Representatives of selling companies can promote a brand, analyze the attitude of a potential consumer towards it and influence it. Increasing the popularity of a product both directly through advertising and covertly is not noticeable for visitors to social networks. This area of ​​work is promising and is rapidly gaining momentum.